Silvia BAR-AM is an artist who lives in the old city of Jerusalem. According to BAR-AM, painting, like Judaism, is an art of living. She does not draw a clear line of separation between the two. In the late 70's BAR-AM has painted abstract works, powerful and full of research on the nature of form and color. From the early 90's she turned to figurative painting. Although the language of her art has changed, the search for form, color and special texture of her paintings remain. BAR-AM said that painting is a way to cope with her existential questions, and it is there, present at every moment, in good times and bad. BAR-AM does not define herself as a painter of Jewish life or symbols, although she admits that the subject in her paintings is related to her life as a Jew living in Israel. She paints pomegranates, etrogs, olive trees, cypresses, and the views of Israel. On the other hand, the subject is not enough to understand the full significance of the work. The emotion at work, abstract or figurative, textures, compositions, delicate border lines between the parts more realistic and abstract work, give the painting its full meaning. In depicting a pomegranate (pl.12), BAR-AM choose to paint only the upper part of the fruit at the forefront of a golden sky. The power of the pomegranate, which rises like the sun on a golden background produces a sense of monumentality and exultation.


Amitai Mendelsohn

Curator of the Museum of Israel

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