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Silvia Bar - am was born in Buenos Aires

1972-74 Helena Rubinstein Museum, Tel Aviv
1973-75 Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University
1975-77 Avni Art Institute, Tel Aviv
1990-91 Studied with Israel Hershberg
1998-2011 International Landscape Painting Marathon, Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions:
1982 The Municipal Gallery, Jerusalem
1985 Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
1986 Municipal Gallery, Ashkelon
1987 Artists House, Jerusalem
1996 Artists House , Jerusalem
2003 Artspace, Jerusalem
2008 Ha galeria HaAcheret, Tel-Aviv
2012 Artspace, Jerusalem

Group Exhibitions:
1972 Helena Rubinstein Museum, Tel Aviv
1977 Jerusalem Theatre Gallery
1999 “As a view in those days at this time”, traveling exhibit sponsored
by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Cyprus-Greece
1998 “Art-Faith” – Gerard Bechar Jerusalem, curator: Amitai Mendelsohn
1999 Populus Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Amitai Mendelsohn
2001 “Sketches”, Biennale – “Sketching in Israel Today” curator: Ilan Vizgen
“Visions From Here II” Israel Museum, curator: Amitai Mendelsohn
2003 “Art in a Box”, Sotheby’s, London, Public Auction
2004 Time for Art, Israeli Art Center, Tel Aviv,curator Gidon Ofrat
2004 The II Drawig Biennale, Jerusalem
2004 Artspace, Jerusalem.
2007 “Adam ma” Oman art Mihlala, Jerusalem
2009 Rathaus, Weinstadt , South Germany


2000 Mordechai and Shoshana Ish-Shalom Prize for Jerusalem Artists

2001-2010 Yehuda Ha-Macabe studio, Jerusalem
2008-2012 Michlalah College, Jerusalem
2011-2013 Emuna College, Jerusalem

Artists Residency:
2010 JSS Artists Residency Program in Italy. Guest Artist: Lennart Anderson
2013 Masterclass Program, Civita Castellana, Italy

Foreign Ministry, Israeli Embassy, Paris. Art for the Nation, Collection of the
“Co-op” chain, private collections in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia,
South Africa, South America and Israel





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